Add billing accuracy with GPS tracking


Many fleet-based companies rely heavily on time-consuming to keep records to stay on top of the collection responsibility. If this is true for your business model, a GPS tracking system can simplify this task, which allows you to keep files more efficiently and save valuable time.

Vehicle Tracking and recording

A GPS tracking system not only gives you a real insight into the place, the ratio of the speed and direction of each vehicle; it keeps exact records on routes each vehicle disputing the number of times a vehicle has visited a particular location and much more. Imagine being able to provide billing for each of your customers by simply running a report. You can quickly and easily determine the man hours spent fuel service specific customers in the period that you, as well documented billing structure.

Final Invoice Verification

Having detailed, historical vehicle tracking and reporting can be useful in the case of a customer dispute. A GPS tracking solution allows you to provide definitive information on the date and time the fleet visited a particular workspace. Some GPS tracking system will provide historical data for as many as three years. Such information can be leveraged to protect their business in case of a billing dispute.

Not only will you know the time and date of each visit Navy has done a certain point, you can monitor how long the vehicle was on the premise that the way the driver was and much more. This information can then be drawn on when to assist in future job offers and route planning.

A GPS tracking solution can help you save valuable time and money while taking the guesswork out of your accounts. So what are you waiting for? Implement GPS tracking and fleet control level you never thought possible.


The Importance of B2B Business Factoring of accounts


accounts when held back, but all of its shares. Sales invoices factoring company provides quick cash that may be useful for your business immediately. It is a struggle for small business owners to get cash at times and that is why it is important for B2B companies factoring invoices to factoring companies. Significance behind B2B company account factors revealed when the company faces financial crunch.

Many small business owners do not want to be bogged down with loans that deliver high growth rates. When companies need ready cash to survive a business or even take advantage of an opportunity is the B2B aspects of the accounts will be an important means of income for the business. Parsing the billing company does not have a business plan or tax statements. The cost behind doing these factors is minimal for only a month or two; However, in the long term as it can be more expensive than loans.

idea B2B business factors accounts may seem the solution you need for your situation. It would be advisable for you to consider some of the following facts:

o Do you really need the money to survive the company

o Are you taking advantage of opportunities that will increase the phone? business?

o Have you checked whether this type of funding matches up with your business plan?

o At this time, do you think that your business is ready for expansion and more money?

o this Receivables factoring only way out or have you tried a small business loan?

o Finally, what are the current economic and industry conditions? Now it’s time to finance or should wait?

B2B company factoring of accounts opportunity can mean the difference between survival and bankruptcy company. As a business person to understand to get cash is one of the most important ways of keeping businesses alive and well. Remember that this process is not regulated as the banking industry. We should examine such things as the company that we are going to work with. Make sure you agree on a price, and view contracts. After you have done your homework and feel your ready then go with confidence.

The latest method of changing accounts of quick cash is named Inzap. We wanted to mention this approach as it is a form of B2B trade aspects of your account. Inzap have some good option you want to use. The fact is that you can convert into quick cash accounts for about 2% which is the best rate around. It only takes a few days to get your money but Inzap offers more attractive payment terms to customers.

This is a new approach to B2B businesses factors accounts. You have many advantages over traditional factoring services. I would like to mention some of these options for you to consider.

o the price is lower by about 2% of the invoice amount.

o Net is available in a few days.

o No minimum you can use Inzap as little or as much as you want.

o You will receive 100% of the money upfront minus charge extra.

o It takes about 5 minutes to register and they get small business owners as well as larger ones.

o You control customers while customers enjoy getting more attractive payment terms.

Many business owners wonder why Inzap can offer such good service and low prices on the traditional method of factoring accounts. Importance of B2B business aspects of accounts is always stated as essential to business. It is one of the main reasons you should always research any company you plan to do with your receivables factoring. Inzap has two good reasons that are beneficial to those who help them to maintain a good price for the services they provide. The following two primary reasons can affect your business but you are the one who has to consider whether it will or not.

o One of the main things Inzap not do is guarantee you against Delinquency your customers.

o Cash is sped up but if the customer does not pay for any reason then Inzap makes you responsible for paying them back. When you use this service, I would advise you to use customer accounts that you can count on.

o Inzap may start you out with a low credit line and you build up over time.

The B2B business factors accounts is indeed a method worth considering as a way to get fast cash without any hassle.


Using Custom Fields in QuickBooks


Is there more information you’d like to track about your customers, Vendors or employees? Have you tried to collect data? One of the most Powerful Yet under-utilized tools in QuickBooks is Custom Fields. You Can use These fields for names (customers, Vendors, employees) and Items. I’ll discussants Custom Fields for names first, and then Items.

For customers, you might want to know how They found out about your company (Such as newspaper, radio, flyer, referral) they birthday, favorite team, favorite product, region, type of car, pet, and so on. For Vendors, maybe you want their website, area of ​​EXPERTISE, or product line. For employees, maybe you want to have Their contact name and phone number, date of last raise, date I-9 expires, etc. (In Enterprise Solutions, the Employee Organizer is included and you’ll notice That there are many more fields Already there for you to use).

Enterprise Solutions V10 gives you a few more options than with Pro and Premier 2010 , such as

  • Languages ​​You can have up to a total of 30 Custom Fields for customer / vendor / employees.

  • These fields Can be required, Which Guarantees That employees fill in certainties data.

  • Languages ​​You can specify the type of data. This is a huge benefit for owners. You Can Even have a drop-down list so employees simply Can Choose from a set list. This Eliminate inconsistent data entry. Just think of how many getaways Can a person enter a date, phone number, or name. Any time the data is ENTERED differently, it’s treated as a differentially entry. Drop-down lists ensuresexcellent uniformity so That data is not ENTERED in Different Ways.

To Create a Custom Field, click on the Additional Info tab, click on Define. Type in the name you want to Appear on the label for the Custom Field (eg birthday). Click sem art this is for (customer, vendor, employee); Can you use it for all three.

Once you create Create Custom Fields, You Can use Them in transactional documents (Such as sales orders, invoices) and reports. A few comments on using the theme:

  • If the data is ENTERED in the customer / vendor record, then When you add That field to an invoice, sales order or purchase order, the data Will automatically fill in. (If you enter That information When Creating the document, it will not be stored with the customer / vendor record.

  • Languages ​​You can use Custom Fields in the headers of invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, or as a column for the body of the document. I usually recommend using Custom Fields for Customers and Vendors at the top of the document and in the body of the document for Items.

  • When used in actual transactions, such as invoices and sales receipts, You Can get additional sales data in reports. So, if “region” was a Custom Field for your customer and it was used it on the header of an invoice, you could generate a report That breaks down sales by region reports.

  • When used in customer / vendor / employee records, You Can add Custom Fields as a column on art reports.

When it comes to Items, frequently there is more information you want to know about the Item, such as color, size, type of material, number in a pallet or case, Expiration Date, serial number, lot number, location, and so on. While Many users include some of this information in the description, It can be hard track, so having additional fields gives you That tracking Capability. Just as you did for names, You Can These add additional fields to reports and transactional documents (sales receipts, invoices, purchase orders, etc.). This means you Can search and run reports on These fields.

In Enterprise Solutions V10, You Can have up to 15 Custom Fields (more than Pro and Premier), more control over the type of data in That field ( SUCH AS number, text, date), and the Ability to designate a Custom Field as “required”. You Can Even have users select from a drop-down menu to make data entry, even more uniform. While this might sound like a nice feature, it becomes very Important When you have multiple users Entering data. Different people Will Oftel enter the joint data in Different Formats. For example, the date might be ENTERED as June 15, 2010, June 15, 2010, or 06.15.10. Inconsistent data entry Can make Searching or filtering very cumbersome.

To Create a Custom Field for an Item, edit the Item, click on Custom Fields, then Define Fields. Give it a name. If you’re in Enterprise, You Can Choose the type of data for this field, and where it’s to be used – in the actual Item record (list) or transaction, such as Purchase Order or Invoice.

Some comments on using These fields

  • If the data is ENTERED in the Item record, then When you add That Custom Field to an invoice, sales order or purchase order, the data Will automatically fill in. If, howeverwhole, you enter That information in the Custom Field in the document you are creatingtheir, it will not be stored with the Item. For instance, if you sell shirts, you might sell 3 red shirts and 4 blue ones. If you have only one item called “shirts”, then you Will want to enter the color on the invoice. If you have multiple shirt Items on your list (red shirts, blue shirts, green shirts), then When you select the Appropriate shirt, the color automatically Will Appear on the document.

  • Languages ​​You can search and filter for Custom Fields.I mentioned using serial numbers. While QuickBooks will not let you keep a running list of serial numbers for an Item, if you enter the serial number on the invoice, then You Can search on That serial number later if you need.

  • When used in actual transactions, such as invoices and sales receipts, You Can get additional sales data in reports. You will not be Able to get totalis by custom field, (eg you could not get a total of blue shirts, but, You Can filter on a custom field or You Can export the report to Excel and get your totalis.

  • Since you can not control how users enter data in Custom Fields in Pro and Premier, here are a couple suggestions:
    • In the label for the field, indicate how you want data ENTERED (mm / dd / yyyy).

    • Rather than filter the report, sort on That field.

So look at what you’ve been tracking manually or think about what you might like to track and see if using Custom Fields would help.


Create Professional Invoices Using Free invoice template


Companies need to have a professionally designed invoice for creating the best impact on its customers. The bill is the last part of the sale of your deal that should get registered in the mind of the customer. Is not it nice to close deals with glorious, skills designed account?

A skillfully designed invoice is important to establish the credibility of the company, prompting the customer to settle dues quickly and to ask for your services again, so help your business grow. When doubting the power of the account, the customer may take longer to settle the payment, and that can have a serious impact on profits. You do not get overwhelmed by this practice of billing, as you can easily access templates to suit the kind of business or industry. Locating the correct template helps save a lot of time and money.

First of all, you should be able to identify the essentials of a good template. Certain features are common to most accounts. For example, it is to have the company’s name and address, and contact information of customers. It necessarily describes the types of services and negotiated for them. Usually, companies signal their account and by sector, they include payment and allocation of product or service offered.

have formed an idea of ​​what you need, it will be easier to limit your options. Usually, providing software template, but this can be rather expensive, especially for small businesses. You can also buy individual templates online. The Internet offers a good number of useful tools to conduct business. You can also account templates charge.

You can easily create an account contains all the necessary functions by making use of invoice templates available free of charge on the Internet. You can get various types of accounts. You can account for providing a particular service or product or just work. You can also find templates for Pro-forma accounts. You will find free templates in a large range of formats, and some of them may already be in your computer, such as Microsoft Word, HTML, Microsoft Excel and PDF, etc. Many free templates come with time-saving features, such as standard logos, and other options you may like including individual logo – the automatic insertion of the date of billing, built-in calculation system and drop down menus -. allowing you to select various items to change the easy template for your

have finally designed invoice templates, you need to print it. Here again, you have several options. For one, you can simply customize invoice templates and print the invoice within the office, and send them to your client. You may even electronically send your account using email. Sometimes you have to give spending bills to service personnel, enabling them to prepare the accounts on the site and to hand them over to customers to collect payments. You can also consider having a combination of these.


Invoice Financing – A Clever Business Financing option for small business


Capital Funding Invoice quickly and easily. It is a great financing option. It does not require companies to ask for a bank loan. The amount of years they have been in business is not important, so is their credit score. Companies are able to use the credit history of their clients to raise capital for their businesses.

If the company has customers good to excellent credit who owe them money, they can take this partnership and any outstanding bills to finance their advantage. This is a very innovative funding option because it follows the work of the company has already made (and money owed) to create resources immediately. It is not necessary for companies to wait months for the money to them. Instead, they can get it in a few days.

Invoice financing

is very creative and very useful for companies that use it. A large part of the company accounts for its customers through quality accounts. They only need to find the Factor to work with. Factors are companies in search of quality accounts. They buy them at a discounted price, collect them and then take all the money, minus their fees and funds that went toward the original purchase invoice, to the company they bought them from.

accounts are generally purchased for about 70% to 90% of their total value. While the company may initially take a hit financially, there are a number of noted benefits. Instead of waiting 30 to 90 days, which is standard for the payment of bills, they can get the money within a few days.

For some companies, asked for three months to get owed them for the work they have already done is simply not an option. They may be cash poor, making it difficult, if not impossible, to achieve fixed cost of paying employees, jobs fund and promote future business. Companies in this type of situation can be ready to begin accepting a discounted rate for their accounts in exchange for quick cash. Also, because they will eventually get the remaining part of the account, it is not really a huge deal.

As noted above, if the original purchase price of the account is less than the nominal value, companies will receive the remaining amount by Factor has collected all accounts. They will then pay back all the money they have collected, minus negotiated rates established between them and the company they bought from the accounts. They will also retain a 70% to 90% they pay now for an account.

Another option, which is closely related invoice financing is financing PO (purchase order financing). The latter includes Factor purchase materials company must meet the agreed order. After the company has had materials, manufactured goods, sold it and paid, they share part of the profits by a factor. Both are excellent choices and form what is needed so that companies can continue to stay in business or meet its obligations.


How to create an account using Excel


Microsoft Excel is a program designed to make automatic calculations. By installing a simple coding, called function can be programmed Excel to quickly multiply, add, and extract data. This allows Microsoft Excel the ideal tool for billing. As the data changes, the results automatically improved

Guidelines .:

  1. Step # 1

    Make headlines. In the first series, captions for each element to your account. Other items might include product, date, quantity, price, product Subtotal and Discounts.

  2. Step # 2

    Sort cells. The cells containing the text to be formatted; but you have to format the cells containing dates and currency. To arrange a field, click a box and choose “Format Cells.” For date sections, select the “Date” from category box. Then, select the appropriate type. For cells currency, select the “currency” of the category box.

  3. Step # 3

    Enter your information. Set data for each item purchased. If you do not currently have the information, you might want to put a few lines of info so you could see how numbers appear.

  4. Step # 4

    Set the recipe of the product sum. To know Subtotal each product, select the cell that has Subtotal. In the formula bar, type “= SUM (” and select the cells that make up the sum as prices, discounts and quantity. Then press the “Enter” to submit your recipe.

  5. Step # 5

    Make a total cells. In the row where you want the invoice subtotal select all the cells in the row to head the sum of the cell. Click and choose “Format Cells.” Select “Alignment” tab and select “Merge Cells” from the “Text Control.” Choosing the “right” from “horizontal alignment” box. Enter the “Sub-total” in the cell. Go over this step to make the cell for a total of taxes.

  6. Step # 6

    Set account formulas. Select Invoice sum section. Type “= SUM (” and select all the chapters in a total section; .. Push the button “Enter” to make recipe Select Taxes section type “= [Accounts Total cell] * [tax rate].” Press the button “Enter “to make the recipe. Select Total cell. Type” = SUM (“and select” Taxes “and” Total “cells. press the” Enter “key to make the formula.


Information Review For involve billing software


I am long web entrepreneur and I have a host of programs to help me run my business. I spend a few days usually reduced to looking for me because I’m very picky. Often it is difficult for me to pull the trigger and make the purchase. These days, running all my office on Apple machines and sometimes it is difficult to find the right program that fits exactly my requirements. As I was working on ways to reduce the cost of my business, I was reading online and I learned something new. Online account software was something I read about in the forum for the first time and it peaked my interest in the place, the idea was so simple billing software can help you account for your customers without having to buy expensive Preprinted paper bills.

simple software that works on Apple need not be difficult to find. Today, there are different programs that you can use that will allow you to use them for a free trial. It’s really how I got started; I downloaded an application called “involve” and because it worked well, I finally ended up buying. I personally prefer to use program that allows you to download the free trial.

At about what you find is that this simple billing software you can save time and reduce the amount of work you put into managing accounts from the first day. With “involvements” I’ve found that I can find all paid and unpaid invoices with the click of a button. Also because I depend on my website I have the ability to take sales from locations around the world, however, when I ship internationally I usually take payment up front.

When I started looking for online account software I realized that I wanted to simplify the billing software as well as applications that would benefit all areas of the company’s Billing on the Apple platform. A good example of a simple program is one that allows you to work without digging down deep to find the most commonly used features. I liked involvements as it provided me with a quick and easy way to customize how accounts my look and my company logo as well. Compared to the old printed my accounts I now have a very professional invoice design.


Billing Software Information – Review For Invoice Software


As a home based business owner I’m constantly trying to find ways to run my efficiently. I’m usually looking for ways to automate and streamline my business need a daily process and reduce costs. One of the ways I have been working to reduce the cost and time of use of the web based home business software. In particular, I have been using a program called Invoice help me create custom accounts for my clients. This service allows me the advantage of not having to print and send invoices for my premium account gives my client a very professional impression.

When home business software is web based, I have learned that there is less risk. The web-based service to store all your customer’s information; this is useful as you do not have to worry about large file cabinet full of information. If something happens in the office or you have a problem with one of the computer information. I was a little worried about this at first, but I’ve learned the system as invoices are fully taken daily. Personally, I am not savvy with computer backup, this provides an added benefit for my company.

Since I travel often I also found benefits of home business software to be very rewarding, especially custom billing features. I could just imagine trying to make and send invoices generated quality hotel. When you use this web based business software collection, I am now able to login from any Internet connection on the ground to handle billing mine, I have the template setup so this makes the process even more streamlined. This is an important factor for me, if I invoice not I do not get paid. So now I have the ability to access Invoice account to create and send a 7-8 accounts for about 5-10 minutes, this is quite good and I type slowly.

Overall, this home business software has been a lifesaver as it has helped me accounts for my clients quickly, since most of them pay quickly I’ve been able to get paid quickly. There have been times when I was financially at the edge of these fast payments helped me to make payroll and pay for other important expenses. The service is a little on the expensive side, but good things are not cheap. Invoice has plans for small businesses like mine that cost less than cable TV my account, if you are in the same position myself to give this solution a look.


Why Use An Invoice Template?


For anyone that engage in trade, documentation and collection especially can become a real boring part of being self-employed. For the most part, unless you have the luxury of hired assistant, having to make constant collection and book work, can really slow you down. This is why it makes perfect sense to use premade invoice template. Not only can save a lot of time, using one, but it allows you to shape the process and apply more equitable framework for the collection format. This not only makes the notes easier to understand, but it helps in tax time also, as agent of the tax will have a better understanding of your paperwork.

There are a number of different websites online that provide invoice template. Many of these are provided in turnkey form, which allows you to download it immediately and begin using them with little or no customization whatsoever. These templates are usually provided in either Microsoft Word or PDF format, which can be difficult to change unless you have software support. However, good quality invoice templates can be hard to find, especially one that performs calculations and processes needed data. This is where you need to be mindful of the document. There is no point to download the one that is in the base text only format, if you need something more elaborate that controls functions such calculations and tax equations. This is where the Excel spreadsheet with built in functions may be more appropriate.

In any case, good quality invoice template is most definitely something that most companies or individuals have at some point or other. As said, the benefits of using one will not only save you a considerable amount of time, but also show you as more professional in terms of presentation.


Invoice Discounting – even out your cash flow


Invoice discounting has a dual purpose. The first benefit that the customer allows them to discount the total amount of their accounts and other things allows companies to draw money against its own accounts. It is the form of short-term loans for business to business to be able to improve cash flow and reduce additional working capital.

To achieve this, the company loan ratio of the value of its accounts receivable (a ledger showing all customers owed money to the company). The trade report (also called aging report) is divided into columns time (existing customers, the 30 day past due client, 60 days, 90 days and 120 days and the client). It is important that if the company wants to borrow against their accounts of her, it ensures that the majority of customers remain in the current column. They do this by offering a discount to customers if they pay their bill within a certain date generally specified in terms of the contract when the customer first did business with the company. The standard terms are 2% 10 Net 30 days (which means that if a customer pays by the 10th of the month they can discount the amount owed on the account of 2%) 1% 10days Net 30 (means the customer to a discount of 2 % required to pay their bill within 10 days). Most customers take advantage of discounts offered by the company.

Company uses the financial benefits of the discount loan from another financial institution. Unpaid bank accounts receivables are used as collateral, and another reason why it is important for the company to have the net is standard payment report as possible. The company gets money from unpaid bills increase its financial position and repay the financial interest only on the money it borrows. The client is unaware that the company is getting money in money it has not got. They believe they are getting a bargain by being able to take a percentage off the amount they owe.

This type of business practice is done in most companies offer a discount in terms of sales. Mainly commercial customers are offered these terms containing the discount option, however, the consumer is sometimes available on these types of terms as well. It is a good strategy for the company and customers. In regards to the benefit of customers pay less for their products, it usually leads to repeat business and loyal customers means.