Monthly Receipt classification


An important aspect of trade is to keep track of all business receipts. Often times they end up shoved in drawers, as well as other documents, or accidentally thrown away. When this happens it can be difficult to find the receipts you need for tax. To ensure that you never misplace a receipt again, we recommend that you implement a monthly receipt filing our efficient organizing receipts.

Tools Needed:

  • 1 red hanging folder and corresponding manila folder labeled “unpaid bills”
  • 12 yellow hanging file folders, one for each month, marked accordingly
  • 12 Manila folders, one for each hanging file folders with corresponding signal
  • 12 legal size envelopes, one for each file for the low receipts

The System

unpaid bills – List all unpaid invoices in an “unpaid invoices” folder as soon as they arrive. Plan time once or twice a month to go through this file and write the necessary examinations. Write the check number and the date of payment of the invoice and file it in the right months of receipt file

Business Receipts -. As you collect atv.rekst receipts you should register them in their receipt of the correct month. Set small loose receipts in an envelope. Give this list to a book keeper at the end of each month, or enter receipts electronically tracking program such as QuickBooks

Vendor Declarations -. The seller is someone you regularly buy items from. When the vendor declaration, they shall be submitted to the proper month receiving files. If you need to keep copies of your statements vendor files, please photocopy the statement when it comes in and file the original in the correct months of receipt file, keep a copy of the vendor file. Reception file should then give a book keeper or in the electronic program

Receipts for customers Products -. Some managers buy materials for specific customers and the need to keep the receipt for the purpose of accountability. To do this, photocopied receipt and file the original of the receipt of the correct month. Keep a copy in the customer file. If clients always need the original receipt, you can deduct it from our taxes using the date on the photocopied receipt.

expense receipts for reimbursement

Tools Needed:

  • 3 hanging files, marked, Pending, and returned
  • 3 Manila folders, one for each hanging file corresponding signal
  • 3 legal size envelope, one for each file for the low receipts

Managers often need to keep track of their receipts so they can be reimbursed for the money they spent. Next time you have a receipt that you have to be repaid immediately file it in the “Enter” file. After you have photocopied and submitted a receipt for reimbursement, holding out the publication in the “pending” file. Once you have confirmed that you have been reimbursed, write the check number and date of receipt of the payment receipt and bring it “refundable” file.

Clear Receipts

At the end of each year the monthly receipt records shall be clear and the information should be filed with your taxes. To store information, simply take a manila folder out of each hanging file folder and place it in the box. Mark the box with the correct tax year. This box should then be kept for seven years. Make new Manila folders for each phone hanging monthly receipt of files and refund receipt folder. You are now ready to incoming receipts next year.


2008 Audi A5


The all new 2008 Audi A5, four-seat coupe joins an impressive line of other high performance cars from Audi and is available in either a 6-speed manual or optional 6-speed tiptronic transmission.

personification of luxury sport coupe, very stylish A5 features both elegant interior and exterior design, a number of security features, as well as crisp handling and strong performance.

Price Range

price range 2008 Audi A5 is as follows:

Coupe MSRP price – $ 39,900, invoice price – $ 37,108

Coupe with tiptronic MSRP price – $ 41,200, invoice price – $ 38,315

New and Options for 2008

Some of the new features that Audi has implemented in 2008 A5 model, which is available in only one trim level, electro-brake and control the climate with three separate areas. The front suspension has been redesigned, as well as the long wheelbase and the passage of the engine, transmission, steering rack, all of which deliver improved handling, higher precision control, and better weight distribution.

The 2008 Audi A5 also comes with a basic 48-month or 50,000-mile warranty, plus 48 months or 50,000 powertrain and rust responsible for 144 months, or unlimited mileage.

Body Style and Options

Described as both muscular yet curvy, 2008 Audi A5 outstanding visual appeal and impeccable style. Automatic headlights, fog lights and daytime running lights are standard on both the A5 Coupé and Coupé with tiptronic, the High Intensity Discharge headlights are available as an option for either.

A power trunk completed, rear spoiler, 18-inch alloy wheels and front air dam are also standard features of the Audi A5, as well as space and rain sensing windshield wipers, and rear window defogger.

Some optional external action A5 include heated mirrors, both internal and external day or night automatic electrochromic mirrors, 19-inch alloy wheels

either power or manual Sunroof / moon roof are available for the 2008 Audi A5 , it is available in several exterior colors including .: Aruba Blue Pearl, Avus Silver Pearl, Brilliant Black, Brilliant Red, Seal Deep Blue Pearl, Ibis White, Ice Silver Metallic, Meteor Gray Pearl, Misano Red Pearl, Quartz Gray Metallic, Silver Metallic or Sahara.

Interior Design and Features

In addition to air conditioning and private driver / front control passenger climate, A5 model also features a CD player with subwoofer speakers, cruise control, tilt steering wheel, leather steering wheel, a trip computer and a tire inflation / pressure monitor.

Some of the attractive features of all leather seats 2008 Audi A5 is are fine stitching are multi-adjustable power control for both driver and passenger, and front power lumbar support.

Extra seating options A5 are heated and powered memory seats, as well as some other optional internal decisions such as navigation system that features an iPod interface and a premium 505 watt Bang & Olufsen audio system.

The “S” line package is also available for the Audi A5 and includes 19-inch alloy wheels and sport suspension, front and rear fascias, sport seats with side protection bolsters, aluminum interior accents, and the tiptronic created coupes, paddle Shifters.

The available colors for the leather interior of the A5 include Black, Cinnamon Brown, light gray or beige linen.

Performance and Power

Because of the long wheelbase, the A5 offers more responsive and precise control, and Quattro all-wheel drive (AWD) system vehicle is unparalleled and shared with only one other BMW 335xi. The 2008 Audi A5 coupe with or without tiptronic usually features a 3.2L V6 engine, 265 horsepower (HP) @ 6500 rpm (RPM), and torque rating is 243 @ 3250 RPM.

The coming direct injection technology of 3.2L V6 engine makes manual Audi A5 to run from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 5.8 seconds, with automatic take the tenth of a second longer.

Safety Features

Some of the safety features that are standard on both the A5 Coupé and Coupé with tiptronic is the driver’s side, front side, passenger and side head curtain airbags, along with anti-trap devices located within trunk, and anti-theft systems.

Power door locks and power windows are also standard, as well as electronic brake assistance and ABS brakes, well-known Quattro AWD system Audi and vehicle stability control system. Another useful safety features of the 2008 Audi A5 is an optional electronic parking assistance in the form of a rear view camera.


The New Car Window Sticker


While most consumers never bother to read the window sticker, but to get a quick glance of the MSRP or to see fuel economy ratings. What they do not realize is that they are missing out on valuable information that could really help the car with their buying decision. What consumers need to understand is that the window sticker is provided very important information that includes a suggested retail price of the vehicle manufacturer, and machine information. They also provide a comprehensive list of standard and optional equipment. These figures officially recognize the car or truck for buyers on the showroom floor dealer is.

Therefore, if you really want to get more information about a vehicle window stickers, I have broken it down for you here. The window sticker is rich resources necessary information on the new vehicle. It allows you to know exactly what is included any particular vehicle, as well as help to ensure that you get exactly the features you’re paying for. Newer cars generally will sell a car somewhere between MSRP and invoice price, which is typically higher than the actual dealer per vehicle

There are exceptions :. High-demand model could actually sell for more than MSRP, but less popular vehicles could be coaxed away for less than the invoice price. Songs in most states require all new car have MSRP sticker on their vehicles, and there are companies sanction the absence of the dealers who do not have this sticker on the window. Underscores the value of window stickers for the car buyer. Of particular value are a few other pieces of vital information that will come with a suggested retail price of the manufacturer are engine and transmission specifications; standard, including information WARRANTY; optional equipment; and fuel economy information.

The sticker will list and break down cars standard features and trim level. Most models come in two or more different levels of trim, with higher-priced versions have more standard features such as upgraded engines and / or suspension, larger wheels and tires, and increased interior. In addition, shows the window sticker aggregate price of all items in option packages usually discount compared to buying each accessory itself. If this happens, we will discount the sticker. Even when options group includes factory discount, transaction price is still negotiable at the dealer level.

liability coverage manufacturer has explained that tells you the number of years or months plus how many miles it is discussed. Included will be a comprehensive review, which applies to parts and labor to repair covered; power train coverage, applicable to such major engine parts as the engine, transmission and axles; corrosion coverage, which applies to the buildings that have completely rusted through and may indicate that the extended warranty is available if the buyer wants more coverage. (Extended coverage is usually offered in the finance office or ask the salesman for more information). Besides providing a window sticker consumers Fuel ratings and static’s, as calculated by EPA. You can also find the vehicle identification number on a sticker that you should always be compared to one of the drivers side windshield to make sure they match. Remember the MSRP is the suggested retail price for the car and every dealer in your area of ​​the country has the same MSRP, it’s up to you to make a deal with the car dealer for what you pay.

A good word of advice, if the dealer has added more charges MSRP, such as chrome wheels and window tint, they also need to have it listed next to the window sticker on a separate sheet called additions. If the annex is not there then you will not have to pay for add-on. Also, try to avoid the impulse to ask your dealer best price his while watching on the window sticker, because their answer will almost always be “the best price on the window.”


Five Things You Need to Know About VAT Accounting


You know nothing about VAT accounting, but that does not mean you should be unaware. If you are a VAT taxpayer, the more you know about it, the more benefit you and your business can gain from it. Here are five important things you need to know about VAT Accounting

1 -. VAT registration and deregistration

How do you know whether you need to register or de-register for VAT? If turnover is more than £ 68,000 a year, you must register for VAT. If your sales in the year under £ 66,000, you are allowed to de-register. Once you have registered for VAT, it is already VAT consultant will be useful to you. They can advise you on the latest regulations and keep you and your business on the good side of HM Revenue and Customs

2 -. VAT Schemes

Companies that are registered for VAT has to account for tax when they invoice customers or their suppliers when their accounts then. HM Revenue and Customs has a number of VAT system that allows your company to save time, or account for VAT when they are actually paid. To work out which system met suits you, seek competent advice of an experienced VAT consultants

3 -. VAT Records

There is a legal obligation and duty to keep detailed records of the VAT tax paid or received. You have to keep these records for a certain number of years and there are penalties for ill-kept records. Keeping accurate records of VAT will help you avoid paying too much tax. To find out more about keeping detailed records VAT number of the VAT accounting expert

4 -. VAT Responsibility

Do you know what your responsibilities are VAT? If not, you may fall foul of VAT penalty system. VAT consultant will tell you the VAT liability and help you stick to them. You do not have to be a VAT expert when you have a VAT consultant, they’ll keep you informed of all your obligations on VAT

5 -. VAT Penalties

As of 2009, brand new VAT penalty system is in place. There are two points where the penalty will apply. The first is the case of failure to report under-estimates. This happens when the VAT return is submitted and Customs to assess food. If this estimate is lower than was the case it should be and the taxpayer does not inform HM Revenue and Customs, it is the responsibility penalty.

Second, when someone submits a document that contains an error, this will also call for punishment. An error occurred when the fair is not observed, will be punished with a 30% penalty. Villa is deliberately not covered by HM Revenue & Customs will be penalized with a 70% penalty of a fine. Finally, the error is deliberate and concealment can prove will result in 100% penalty. By using professional VAT consultant, you can avoid making mistakes and paying the price for it.


Independent Accounting Spreadsheet – The Essential Ingredients


Many self-employed people start businesses accounting records in accounting spreadsheet.

The popularity of tablet such as Microsoft Excel means that it is often the first ‘financial tool’ businessman covers. But, it is the right

In a previous article? “Accounting Software – the accounting spreadsheets answer for small businesses” I checked the ‘bare minimum’ accounting requirements on small business accounting spreadsheet described what controls must be in place to increase these files. The article said that a properly designed and fully reconciled cashbook accounting spreadsheet along with sales day book and purchase date book could form the basis for a workable accounting solution.

For self-employed businessman, this means making sure that the records will HELP rather than prevent work your accountant. Many accountants find that they are doing the work again “because of incomplete or inaccurate accounting data to them.

I would strongly recommend it to show your accounts spreadsheets to your accountant at an early stage and to be ready to implement any changes he might suggest.

What should you have on the financial statements tablet devices?

There are many examples of good table accounting, and all of them will incorporate the following data necessary for every of your business.

· transaction Date

· transaction type (Purchase Invoice, Bank PayPal Payment Receipt etc.)

· What is the trade in (Customers Name , Supplier Name etc.)

· transaction Reference (Cheque account Number, etc.)

· An ANALYSIS transaction (Sales, rent, wages, interest paid etc.)

· The GROSS purchase price

· The VAT value (if any) in the transaction

· The NET value (after VAT) of trade

· The STATUS transaction (Invoice Paid, Bank trade paired with the statement, etc.)

So, a series of three financial table designed in monthly columns form this column headings is a good starting point :.

date, type, name, reference, analysis, GROSS, VAT, NET and STATUS

Each company business must be registered in a new line and should be sorted in chronological order .

To help your accountant, I would recommend that you use a standard naming convention for cash analysis. (Sales, rent, wages, interest paid etc.)

After you have entered your basic information in the accounting table, you should investigate your bank, credit card and other statements to ensure that you have not lost any business. If you are, then these need to be registered on the list.

You have to make sure that the accounting spreadsheet equal to . Add a unique column totals and then add a unique series totals , they should be the same.

Finally, send your first months accounting worksheets to your accountant for correction and approval.

As a guide, you can view some examples of professionally designed accounting spreadsheets on our website.


Why Hire a Medical Billing Specialist?


Look to add medical claims billing your profitability? Search to manage medical claims billing costs? To appoint a health care payment information specialist is the best option for this. If you outsource the billing requirements of a solid and well-known health care outsourcing organization, then you can save valuable time in the office worker and you can use efforts significantly be easily account solution.

Why we hire medical billing specialist to outsource medical needs account? How experts help you get the correct billing and coding services? There are some important points are helpful that we have here to debate.

• You can keep the high quality and accuracy of service

• You can get the proper method of claim process with an account to corporate profits

• You can get the advantage of experienced billing specialists and specialization in health care

• You can get access to health care practice account with optimum performance and high precision

• By hiring a billing and coding professional, you can concentrate on core business tasks relative

• You can download operating systems costs by outsourcing health care invoices to a specialist that can easily provide the best services to global customers

healthcare professional can increase efficiency by turning the bill collection in the pleasure rather than pain. Your doctor can focus on what they do best, treating your patients, and make billing for health services account specialist to accomplish professional tasks.

In the healthcare outsourcing industry, health care accounts company is the latest trend in booming business or individuals. Thus, this is how you can hire a medical billing professional.


The Bright and Dark Side of Factoring


Factoring has both positive and negative aspects. Here we will talk about some of the more

Let’s take a look at some of the positive sides Factoring :.

Factoring companies usually take care of the management, Legal and accounting responsibilities associated with handling accounts. While those who can have access to information about the status of loans customers, and how many accounts have been collected. Information that you may or may not have had before.

It is more efficient cash management and better monitoring of government debt. Factoring provides an assessment of the risk. When there is a decrease in commercial inquiries the company’s clients.

Factoring can be used as a financing tool and can pay in advance up to 85% of the accounts.

When you use Factoring, you will not have to worry about billing and can find time and efforts on more lucrative prospects. On top of that, Factoring companies will cover ratio (it can even be 100%) of the total accounts receivable.

General Factoring companies will accept changes in currency based on the exchange rate set at the time of contracting them. All this, while taking care of administrative tasks throughout the collection process

drawbacks Factoring following :.

Factoring is not free, you must pay the fee can be increased. In addition, some criteria for selection of accounts can be challenging (for example, all customers living in the same area, etc.)

Factoring is often only to companies in Western countries. If your company has business in other non-Western countries, you may not be able to use it. When using Factoring can also have the disadvantage that depersonalizing the process of collecting accounts receivable and reducing contact with some of your customers.

In addition, the Factoring business is to deal with the debt to your customers that they may not be as good as you want. This is one of the risk not choose Factoring company carefully.


Get Car Gap Insurance to avoid negative equity


The last thing on your mind when you go to your local dealership to pick up a brand new car is what would happen if you write it off drive from the dealership. Many people think that with fully comprehensive insurance that they will not have a problem. In many cases, could not be further from the truth. Many new cars lose twenty percent of their value as soon as you drive off the forecourt, unfortunately comprehensive insurance will not cover this depreciation and you can find yourself in a situation where you need to find a few thousand just to replace the car “as for like. “This is exactly the situation where Guaranteed Asset Protection or GAP insurance will protect you against these potential losses.

So how exactly is returned to the account GAP insurance work? Basically as a result of the car written off RTI GAP Insurance will pay disparities Motor Insurance your payout and the amount you paid originally for the car. Let’s say you bought a new car for £ 19,995 and two years later the motor insurance company wrote the car off because it will be in an accident. Unfortunately they only offer you £ 10,000 settlement. If you’re RTI GAP Insurance (subject to overall requirements limit you choose when you take the policy out) GAP Insurance would pay £ 9.995 differences Motor Insurance Your payout (£ 10,000) and the original invoice price you paid for the vehicle (£ 19.995).

Many believe GAP insurance as just another way for the dealership to get hold of a little more of your hard earned cash. Indeed, dealers can charge a premium price for their policies, but do not let it bring you to this insurance. Search around online and you’ll quickly find lots of companies offering Gap Insurance at rates far lower than you might have been offered by the dealer.

With over five hundred vehicles each day to participate in accidents and up to half a million vehicles a year to be declared a total loss in the UK, RTI GAP Insurance is a great way to cover yourself and keep you away from the fear negative equity.

As with the other “peace of mind” insurance products, there is a good chance you may never need to make a claim, but for those who do not find themselves in a position that their car has been written off and the insurance payout covered expectations, GAP insurance can be answering their prayers. Everyone knows someone who has a horror story about losing money when they’ve had a car accident and in these times of global credit crunch, appear to be new cars lose their value faster than ever before, just one more reason to consider GAP insurance when you buy a new car. Before you sign on the dotted line to the dealership, however, make sure you do your homework, search the internet and you’ll save yourself from forty and seventy percent on a similar strategy.


How Do Cleaning companies charge customers?


There are many ways to clean the company to charge customers for the services they provide.

It is up to you as a business owner to put out any payment and terms that you are prepared to accept. Offering more options and flexible payment terms makes services more marketable, but can also lead to headaches and add unnecessary risk.

Below we set out some of the ways you could charge water customers and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each method.


Cash has always been king in the cleaning business, especially in the house cleaning sector. Many small cleaning company operating under the radar so to speak, to collect cash only and are therefore able to avoid taxes.

However have ‘cash only’ policy has it’s limits and if you are planning to start a serious business and drive it legally and professionally, it is advisable to declare your income and keep everything honest and above board.

customers have carried envelope out for you or a trusted employee to collect is simple. The main advantage is that you do not risk having their account fall into arrears as it is always paid up to date. Whether you deserve acknowledgment will help determine how professional your customer perceives your business to be.

Cash or check are still the best method for collecting clean payments business if customers accept it.

direct payments

Another option may be just as good as cash is to have customers to set up a direct debit from their bank account. The fee can then be automatically transferred to your account on a regular basis. If the charges are the same every time and you have to clean on a regular basis then this method can work well. Of course, you check your account regularly to ensure that payments continue to go through and have not been canceled.

Credit Card

Lots of people like to pay with a credit card these days because of convenience and loyalty programs that some of them offer. But to offer customers this payment method will help make your services more marketable it will give you more headaches.

system you need to install to get this form of payment can be expensive and there are fees paid on each transaction can eat into your profit margin on every job. This option is usually only included in larger cleaning

If you do try this option, make sure you mention it in your advertising and you can find that the increase in business offset losses up costs and charges.


Another option is to take or mail the receipt to the customers to pay later. This option is most likely to be used by office cleaners and janitorial services operating in the commercial market. It is not generally recommended for residential house cleaning services to offer such flexible terms of payment.

accounts usually offer the customer favorable payment terms with most require payment within 30 days. This offers customers flexibility and helps with marketing cleaning services. However, problems can arise if the accounts become overdue and you have to spend time chasing bad debts or write them off all together.

If you try this method to ensure that you clearly payment of the invoice. You can even include a small fee will be charged on overdue accounts every month in order to help your business to offset the cost of implementing a debt.

Who Cleaning Business is different

payment terms and cleaning companies offer customers will be different depending on the area they are working in and the kind of customers they clean. Successful cleaning company seeks the right balance of offering customers choice as well as to lower their risk.

Try to make to pay for the cleaning service as simple as possible for your company and customers so that everyone wins and to your business and customer relationships will grow.


How to manage your accounts grace period Factoring Cost


Refine your accounts receivable factoring cost is based on three main factors – the time it takes to collect accounts, volume accounts calculated, and financial customers. Each of these issues is important to establish how much you pay to factor accounts, but there are ways to control costs.


Part of the financial risk that strains when buying accounts receivable is related to the time it takes for a bill to pay. Time is an important commodity that can affect the charge: the longer an account is outstanding, the higher the fee. (A 60-day accounts would therefore cost more than 30 days of invoice.) You can reduce the time-related costs in two key ways: 1) Factor customers who pay their bills quickly. 2) Send invoices only when you absolutely need the money. By keeping the bills for a while after you provide services / products to your customers, you will reduce the amount of time aspects of company account receivable, which will lower the fee.


Volume refers to the total amount of money that is calculated every month. Opposite of time, higher volume means lower fee, but lower volumes means higher fees. Finally, you can reduce your fees by factors bigger dollar amounts and larger accounts. Also, long-term relationships that lead factoring large cumulative dollar can lead to lower fees.

Customer credit

Unlike a bank loan, the ability to factor depends on the creditworthiness of your customers, not your own. The factoring company is assuming the risk based on the credit history of customers, which affects fee; poor credit means higher fees, but good credit means lower fees. The simple way to reduce the charge to factor accounts due from customers with good credit history. While most aspects of business will only factor customers who have acceptable credit, those with better credit will be cheaper. While other variables may affect Factoring fee, time, volume and credit are the most important factors factoring company will evaluate. By carefully using accounts receivable factoring services you can reduce costs.